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CIS 534 Week 2 Discussion 1 and 2 Questions




DISCUSSION 1;VPN Solutions" Please respond to the following;? Imagine you are a consultant called upon by a large U.S. corporation having more than 10,000 employees nationwide. You are asked to implement a VPN solution for remotely located employees to access the same corporate resources as they could from their desktops at work. Describe, in order, the types of questions you would ask their management and IT personnel in an information-gathering session before providing them a plan of work.;? Explain what is meant by ?split tunnel? VPNs. Explain the purpose of using this technology over other types of VPN technologies. From a security perspective, analyze how a remote user using split-tunneling to gain access to the corporate network from home might invite unintended guests.;DISCUSSION 2;VPN Choices " Please respond to the following;? Organizations use VPNs for many different purposes, each having its own benefits and drawbacks when compared to others. Describe in detail four deployment models for VPNs (for example site-to-site, host-to-site, edge router). Explain the context in which each would be used and the resources required, rank the ease of implementation over the others you choose.;? Determine the characteristics of a VPN that make it a desirable form of remote access for many businesses or organizations. Be sure to address aspects of authentication, encryption, authorization, and implementation.


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