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Develop a C++ program




Develop a C++ program and a Raptor flowchart for a program that calculates gain or loss of a stock you purchased. Go to the website Yahoo! Finance and select a technology stock. For example Cisco, IBM, Teradata. Enter the name of the stock, the stock symbol, the number of shares purchased, the purchase price and the commission paid.;1. Have the user enter the company name and stock symbol;2. Have the user enter the number of shares purchased;3. Have the user enter the price per share;4. Calculate the sharesCost which is the number of shares * price per share;5. When you purchase stock you need to pay a commission based on the sharesCost;6. Add the sharesCost to the commission to calculate total cost of purchase;7. In order to simulate what the value of the stock is now, use a random number generator. The generator will generate a number between 1 and 100 but since you want a percentage, divide the number generated by 100.;8. To determine if the gain is positive or negative (the stock market can go down or up). Toss a coin. Below is the code for flipping a coin.;9. Multiply percentage from step 7 by the profitLoss.;10. Multiple percentage from step 9 by the share price and add it back to the sale price. Your formula will look like this NewSharePrice = (percentGain * originalSalePrice) + originalSalePrice;11. Calculate the new value of your shares multiple the newSharePrice times the number of shares.;12. Did you make money? Calculate your gain or loss.;13. Your rate of return is your profit divided by the original cost.


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