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ECET 450- WEEK 2 iLab and Practice exercise




ECET 450: Laboratory 2;Part A;Purpose;This exercise involves normalizing a small part of a DB. The steps to complete this exercise include getting the data items into 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF. The final step is to generate the ERD for the table or tables that are in the dependency diagram in 3NF.;Discussion;Some small business wants to keep track of office furniture, computers, printers, etc. A sample of the ITEM records is shown below;ATTRIBUTE NAME;SAMPLE VALUE;SAMPLE VALUE;SAMPLE VALUE;ITEM_ID;D1342245;D1453356;D1365779;ITEM_DESCRIPTION;IQ Deskjet 683P;IQ Toner;DT Photocopier;ROOM_NUMBER;227;227;342;BLDG_CODE;SC;SC;ET;BLDG_NAME;Science;Science;Electronics Technology;BLDG_MANAGER;A. B. Jones;A. B. Jones;R. S. Smith;ITEM_ID;ITEM_DESCRIPTION;ROOM_NUMBER;BLDG_CODE;BLDG_NAME;BLDG_MANAGER;D1342245;IQ Deskjet 683P;227;SC;Science;A. B. Jones;D1453356;IQ Toner;227;SC;Science;A. B. Jones;D1365779;DT Photocopier;342;ET;Electronic Technology;R. S. Smith;1.;Draw the dependency diagram using the data in the table. Make sure to label the transitive and partial dependencies.;o;2.;Using the dependency diagram developed in step 1, create a set of dependency diagrams that meet 3 rd Normal Form requirements. Rename attributes to meet the naming conventions.;Create new entities and attributes as necessary.;Part B;Purpose;This laboratory provides practice in the creation of realistic tables and their relationships using Oracle SQL*Plus and introduces writing SQL*Plus script files. This laboratory exercise creates a relatively simple invoice system using SQL statements. This DB schema is used throughout the next several weeks of laboratory exercises. The final product is an SQL script that makes it possible to initially create and re-create, if need be, the DB schema in order to do to the later laboratory exercises.;Procedure;Using your assigned user name, password, and host string, log in to Oracle SQL*Plus. Record your dialog with a spool file.;Following the four requirements below, create the 5 tables shown later in this laboratory exercise, and enter all data as shown. Be sure to record your interactions with SQL*Plus using the spool command.;1.;Use table names, attribute names, and data exactly as shown. The one exception is that you will omit the dollar sign and comma separators in the money amounts. Accurately enter the data as you will need these tables in future laboratory assignments.;2.;Save all of your commands in a single script file for printing and submission. This file should each contain a minimum of your name and the date in comments at the beginning of the file, and any other comments you feel add to the understanding of the script file. Copy and edit your spool file to create the load_tablesXXX.sql file where XXX are your initials. The only items that should be in this load_tablesXXX.sql file are your comments and the SQL statements that drop tables, create tables, insert data values, and display table. Be sure to remove all incorrect commands and the Oracle responses to the correct commands from the file. Save this file for the future in case you have to rebuild these tables. Be sure to include a printout of this file in your report.;3.;The second submission requirement is a printout of each of the 5 tables completely loaded with the specified data. Use the SET LINESIZE command to avoid line wrap around of your table data. Print your list file in landscape mode.;4.;All primary key and foreign key constraints should be named according to the method presented in the classroom. If you have any questions about which attributes are primary and/or foreign keys, please ask about them.;5.;The ultimate test is the execution of this SQL script file in the following form: @ /load_tablesXXX.sql;REP Table;REP_ID;REP_LNAME;REP_FNAME;REP_STREET;REP_CITY;REP_STATE;REP_ZIP;REP_COMM;REP_RATE;223;Roma;Theresa;735 First;Leonard;GA;25742;$21,756.50;0.06;237;Miller;Fred;643 High;Sheldon;GA;25753;$38,612.00;0.08;268;Rodriguez;Miguel;2737 Tyler;Springfield;GA;25758;$19,774.00;0.06;CUSTOMER Table;CUST_ID;CUST_NAME;CUST_STREET;CUST_CITY;CUST_STATE;CUST_ZIP;CUST_BALANCE;CUST_LIMIT;REP_ID;1159;Charles Appliance and Sport;3948 Brown;Leonard;GA;25742;$5,560.00;$7,500.00;223


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