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need help with c++;NOTE: I HAVE A PLAGIARISM CHECKER. IF THE CODE IS NOT IN C++ OR IS PLAGIARIZED, I WILL GIVE A BAD RATING AND ASK FOR A REFUND;Problem Description;Write a program that stores lists of names (the last name first) and ages in parallel arrays and sorts the names into alphabetical order keeping the ages with the correct names. The original arrays of names and ages should remain no changes. Therefore, you need to create an array of character pointers to store the addresses of the names in the name array initially. Apply the selection sort to this array of pointers so that the corresponding names are in alphabetical order. Use the pointer to arrays example from CIS 236 as reference. You should use another array of pointers to age array to make sure the age is corresponding to the correct name. Please see the additional program requirements at the bottom of this page.;Hint: Create a class named Student which contains name array and age array.;Problem Requirement;a) You must create three separate files: Student.h, Student.cpp, and Lab5.cpp files.;b) Your program should run correctly with the same inputs and outputs as given in the sample run.


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