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BMIS208 Assignment 6 Vb Bachelor degrees




Programming Assignment 6 Instructions;Adapted from Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic 2012, 9/E, David I. Schneider.;The figures below show the output of a Visual Basic program that displays information about Bachelor degrees conferred in 1981 and 2006, the percentage of change, and a histogram for the 2006 data. Create this program using arrays. The program should allow a user to display any of these tables as an option and to quit as a fourth option. The first table is ordered alphabetically by field of study. The second table is ordered by decreasing percentages, and the last table is ordered by increasing number of degrees.;Deliverables;1. Write a Visual Basic program that displays the information below.;2. Do not prompt the user to enter the degree information.;3. Use the information below to populate your arrays.;4. Use a DataGridView control to display the data.;5. Order the data as described above.;6. Use appropriate software development guidelines, such as clearing the grid before populating it with new data when a button is clicked and including a title on the form.;Note: The histogram displays one asterisk for every 10,000 degrees conferred.


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