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1. Develop an ADT specification for a priority queue. A priority queue is like a FIFO queue except that items are ordered by some priority setting instead of time. In fact, you may think of a FIFO queue as a priority queue in which the time stamp is used to define priority.;2. Write an algorithm to reverse a singly linked list, so that the last element become the first and so on. Do NOT use Deletion - rearrange the pointers.;3. What is the average number of nodes accessed in search for a particular element in an unordered list? In an ordered list? In an unordered array? In an ordered array? Note that a list could be implemented as a linked structure or with an array.;4. Write a routine to interchange the mth and nth elements of a singly-linked list. You must rearrange the pointers, not simply swap the contents.;5. Given the following interface for a list, comment on it from the perspective of an ADT.;public interface ArrayList;public ArrayList(void) { List = 0 }, //constructor - initializes list to be empty;public Insert(itemtype item, int index), //verifies index & inserts itemat position index in list;public int Search (itemtype item), //searches list & returns position of item. Returns -1 if not found;public int CountItem (itemtype Item);private boolean VerifyIndex (int index), //validates that index is position within list


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