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6. How would you qualify the Street field in the Customer table?;Qualifying a field name means that you input information in the table name in which the field belongs to and the field name.;10.;How do you use an AND criterion to combine criteria in an Access query? How do you use an OR criterion to combine criteria?;12.;In which row of the Access design grid do you include functions? What functions can you use in Access queries?;14.;When sorting data on more than one field in an Access query, which field is the major sort key? Which field is the minor sort key? What effect do these keys have on the order in which the rows are displayed?;16.;When do you use an update query?;18.;When do you use a make-table query?;20.;Describe the purpose of the SELECT command in relational algebra.;22.;Describe the purpose of the JOIN command in relational algebra.;24.;Are there any restrictions on the tables when using the UNION command? If so, what are these restrictions?;26.;Describe the purpose of the SUBTRACT command in relational algebra.;28.;Describe the results of the division process in relational algebra.


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