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Need help in converting pseudo code to javascript. The assignment is fairly easy so it shouldn't take too much time. I will leave the instructions below along with the assignment pseudo code itself, so it can be converted to javascript.;// Declare variables;Declare String player1, player2 // names of the players;Declare Numeric pointGoal // points needed to win;// Welcome the user;Display "Welcome to the Game of War!;// Ask for the names of the two players;Display "Enter the?rst player's name:;Input player1;Display "Enter the second player's name:;Input player2;// Ask for the point goal;Display "How many points will you play to?;Input pointGoal;// Display the data;Display "First player: " + player1;Display "Second player: " + player2;Display "Game will be played to: " + pointGoal;// Thank the user;Display "Thank you for playing the game of War!;The Javascript must be well formed.;The Javascript should run and be able to be displayed in an HTML page.;I have also attached a text document of code as well.


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