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Phone Book Entries - JAVA




Goal: The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate an understanding of working with Strings, while;reviewing most of the concepts completed in the first half of the course.;Problem: You are working at the phone company, AIT&T. You have been asked to create an application;that helps people find other people from a phone book. People can be added to the phone book in one;of two ways;? They are automatically added based on pre-identified information from a file feed received from;the Association of International Telemarketers;? They are manually added based on user entry;Create an object-oriented solution that performs the following tasks;? Allows for the entry into the phone book using pre-identified information or user input;information;o Names must be validated so the user does not input blank spaces for the name;o Phone numbers must be validated to fit the format: XXX-XXX-XXXX;? Prints a display of all entries in the phone book;? Allows searching entries in the phone book based on name. At this time, the search only;supports retrieval of one name, the first matching name. When an entry is found, the entry is;printed out. When an entry is not found, an error message is printed out.


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