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Task Name: Phase 1 Individual Project Deliverable Length: 2-part assignment: Word doc. + screenshot, explanation Details:




Task Name: Phase 1 Individual Project;Deliverable Length: 2-part assignment: Word doc. + screenshot, explanation;Read the entire list of instructions before beginning your assignments.;Open a new blank Microsoft Word document to hold your screenshots, and complete the following steps;Setting your Home page;Setting your Home page to the page that you most often first visit when you connect to the Internet is very helpful. For example, if you frequently do searches using your favorite search engine, then setting your Home page to that search engine will make you more productive. If you enjoy news, then setting you home page to your favorite news site will be useful. Follow the following step to set your home page to your favorite site;Double-click on your favorite browser icon (such as Internet Explorer) to connect to the Internet (or right-click once and select "Open").;If you are using Internet Explorer, select the Internet Explorer Tools tab, and click "Internet options." Other browsers have similar settings.;At the Internet Options Dialog Box, select the General tab.;Under the Home page section (the top section), change the current URL to anther URL of your choice, such as;Take a screenshot (the PrtScn button), and paste it into your word document.


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