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Numbers;23;45;13;5;56;74;10;30;65;40;Identify the comparisons and the exchange made to sort the array found in the numbers above using the bubble sort technique and the shell sort technique.;Lesson 11 Project;Your Name ? CIS150 Section;Below is an example of a program written in Visual Basics.Net. There are several errors in the program. There are two (2) types of error in this program.;There are three (3) Compile/syntax errors.;There are three (3) Logic errors.;Use the desktop checking method to debug this program.;The green font in the code is internal documentation describing what the code does.; Project name: Debug Project; Project purpose: The project calculates the number of; positive integers, negative integers; and zeros entered by the user.;PrivateSub enterButton_Click(ByVal sender AsObject, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles enterButton.Click; displays the number of positive integers, the number of negative integers, and the number of zeros entered;Declare the variables to be used in this program.;Dim inputNumber AsString 'Variable to store the input number from the user;Dim number AsInteger 'Variable to hold the input number that was converted to an integer;Dim positiveCounter AsInteger 'Variable counter that counts the number of positive numbers.;Dim negativeCounter AsIntejer 'Variable counter that counts the number of negative numbers.;Dim zeroCounter AsInteger 'Variable counter that counts the number of zeros.;Dim isConverted AsBoolean 'Boolean variable to store True/False if the input was a valid numerical value.;Gets input from the user using an input box.;inputNumber = InputBox("Enter an integer. Click Cancel to end. ", "Number Entry", "0");loops until the users clicks cancels.;DoWhile input2Number <> ";isConverted = Integer.TryParse(inputNumber, number) 'The tryParse method tries to convert the input from the user into an integer and stores the value in the number variable. If the user enters a number, a boolean true will be stored in the isConverted boolean variable. If the user enters a letter or symbol, a boolean false will be stored in the isConverted variable and a zero will be stored in the number variable.;Checks that the user entered a number;If isConverted= True Then;If number >= 0 Then;positiveCounter = Counter + 1 'If the number entered is greater than 0 then increment the positive number counter by 1.;ElseIf number < 0 Then;negativeCounter = negativeCounter + 1 'If the number entered is less than zero then increment the negative number counter by 1.;Else;zeroCounter = zeroCounter -1 'If the user enters zero, then increment the zero counter by 1.;EndIf;Else;MessageBox.Show("Please enter a number", "Number Entry", MessageBoxButtons.OK);EndIf;inputNumber = InputBox("Enter an integer. Click Cancel to end. ", "Number Entry", "0");Loop;Display counter values;positiveLabel.Text = Convert.ToString(negativeCounter);negativeLabel.Text = Convert.ToString(negativeCounter);zeroLabel.Text = Convert.ToString(zeroCounter);EndSub


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