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1. (TCO 4) In the parameter list of a sub procedure, each parameter has a procedure scope, and each stores _____. (Points: 2);arguments;an item of data;values;references;Question 2.2. (TCO 4) When you pass a variable ____, the computer passes only the contents of the variable to the receiving procedure. (Points: 2);by reference;by parameter;by data type;by value;Question 3.3. (TCO 4) The _______ section in a function header identifies the data type of the data being returned. (Points: 2);by value;DataType;by reference;As dataType;Question 4.4. (TCO 2) The syntax ____ assigns a return value to a variable. (Points: 2);dblNewPrice = GetNewPrice(dblCurrentPrice);lblNewPrice.Text = GetNewPrice(dblCurrentPrice).ToString;Dim dblNewPrice;dblNewPrice = dblCurrentPrice;Question 5.5. (TCO 2) In a ____ combo box, the text portion is not editable. (Points: 2);Text;Simple;DropDown;DropDownList;Question 6.6. (TCO 2) The default combo-box style in Visual Basic is ____. (Points: 2);Text;Simple;DropDown;DropDownList;Question 7.7. (TCO 2) As you do with a list box, you use the Items collection's ____ method to add an item to a combo box. (Points: 2);Insert;Add;New;Append;Question 8.8. (TCO 2) A combo box's ____ property contains the value that appears in the text portion of the control. (Points: 2);Add;Sorted;Text;List;Question 9.9. (TCO 3) A(n) ____ is a group of variables that have the same name and data type and are related in some way. (Points: 2);subscript;string;array;run-time error;Question 10.10. (TCO 3) The data used to initialize the elements of an array are enclosed in ____. (Points: 2);[ ];{ };();;Question 11.11. (TCO 3) Which of the following correctly shows the syntax for storing data into a one-dimensional array? (Points: 2);arrayname = value;arrayname(subscript) = value;arrayname = {value};arrayname(subscript) = {value};Question 12.12. (TCO 3) If a one-dimensional array contains 5 elements, its highest subscript is ____. (Points: 2);4;5;6;7;Question 13.13. (TCO 3) To refer to the element located in the first row, first column in a two-dimensional array named strProducts, you use ____. (Points: 2);strProducts(0, 0);strProducts{0, 1};strProducts(1, 1);strProducts[0, 0];Question 14.14. (TCO 3) Based on the code below, intScores(0, 0) is initialized to ____.;Dim intScores(,) As Integer = {{75, 90}, {9, 25}, {23, 56}, {6, 12}} (Points: 2);9;25;75;90;Question 15.15. (TCO 3) The statement ____ assigns the string "Arctic" to the element located in the second row, first column in the strOceans array. (Points: 2);strOceans(1, 1) = {Arctic};strOceans(0, 0) = (Arctic);strOceans(1, 0) = "Arctic;strOceans(0, 1) = "Arctic;Question 16. 16. (TCO 4) Create a method named GetSum() that accepts three floating-point numbers, adds the three values, and then returns the sum as a floating-point number. (Points: 5)


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