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Use of a main program - All calls to subprograms and functions need to be done from main program. In other words, when you write a subprogram and/or function, make sure you call that subprogram or function from the main module.;Use of subprograms and functions - For the problem, you should write at least one function. Pass arguments in the call to the function and define parameters in the function definition.;Use of arrays in the design - name, age, state of residence of family members can be arrays. Make sure you specify the data type and size of arrays before using them in the design.;Use of loops - FOR loop or WHILE loop should be used. FOR loop works best with arrays.;Use of If-Then statements - To determine the members from Texas, you need to use IF-Then statements. Do this within a loop as you have to check for all family members.;Variables - Before using any variables, declare them. Use only local variables in the project design.;Include comments - Add comments for the main and subprograms/functions and include a header comment.;Carriage Return in Pseudocode?


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