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Outcomes addressed in this activity: Evaluate the usage of Object-Oriented Database technology versus RDBMS in use today Assess the relative




Assignment 7;Outcomes addressed in this activity;Evaluate the usage of Object-Oriented Database technology versus RDBMS in use today Assess the relative merits of SCM systems from various vendors;Course Outcomes;IT234-2: Analyze the systemic approaches that businesses use to acquire, store, and present data and transform it into information used to support business operations and decision making.;Directions;For this Assignment you will Create a PowerPoint? presentation that will include at least six well-organized and professionally formatted slides.;Create a breadcrumb trail. Investigate the usage of object-oriented databases in industry or investigate and compare SCM systems.;Using your Internet resources and search skills, try answering one of the following questions.;?To what extent have object-oriented databases replaced traditional RDBMSs??;Or;?What product would you select if you were in charge of selecting an SCM system for your company? How do SCM vendors try to differentiate their product offerings? Provide an overview comparison/evaluation of the SCM offerings from three different vendors?;Part 1 - Evidence;Provide a trail of your search -- Copy the URL for each site visited until you end up with what you consider a mostly satisfactory answer?.;For each URL, provide a short note assessing the value of content or perceived value of the resulting links from the site to other sites that may have valuable content.;Provide at least 12 URLs, but up to 20 would be better.;Evaluate and comment on each URL. Describe briefly how it was helpful or not. Rate the URL based on the following scale;Content value of 1?10. The scale indicates how valuable the content found at the site is in terms of answering the question.;Link value of 1?10. The scale indicates your estimation of the potential value of all links from the site in terms of continuing your search for the answer.;Assignment Grading Rubric;Course: IT234 Unit: 7 Points: 60;Copyright Kaplan University;Evaluation criteria: A 1 indicates a dead-end, and a 10 indicates exactly the correct answer or supporting confirmation that other found content was the answer.;The idea here is to see how you can sharpen your search skills and to display and see your techniques along with others in the class. Make sure to post your breadcrumb trail to the second discussion question this week so that others may see how you have done.;Part 2 - Observations;Provide a bullet list of 5 to 10 points, highlighting an overview of your results, and referencing the most important content (URLs) that you found. Were you able to successfully find enough information to answer the question?;Part 3 ? Conclusions;Summarize your findings and indicate if your research answered the question. Discuss what could be concluded, based upon your research.;Formatting parameters/expectations;At least six slides in length not counting the title slide include a title slide. Professionally formatted. Slides should be clear without too much information on any one slide. Demonstrates superior organization, and is well ordered, logical and unified;o Ensure you have slides for an introduction, body, and conclusion. Free of grammar and spelling errors. Use the APA style for all citations.;Directions for Submitting Your Assignment;Compose your Assignment in a Microsoft PowerPoint file and save it as IT 234 YourName_Unit_7.ppt and submit it to the Dropbox for Unit 7.;Written Assignment Requirements;Written work should be free of spelling, grammar, and APA errors. Points deducted from the grade for each writing, spelling, or grammar error are at your instructor?s discretion.;Please be sure to download the file ?Writing Center Resources? from Doc Sharing to assist you with meeting APA expectations.;Review the grading rubric below before beginning this activity.;Assignment Grading Rubric;Course: IT234 Unit: 7 Points: 60;Copyright Kaplan University;Assignment 7 grading rubric = 60 points;Assignment Requirements;Points Possible;Points Earned;1. Presentation lists 12 or more URLs.;0?10;2. URLs are commented and evaluated with substantial necessary detail and thoughtful comments.;0?10;3. Presentation has a title slide.;0?10;4. Presentation is professionally formatted.;0?10;5. Observations are thoughtful, well written and supported by the evidence.;0?10;6. Conclusions are thoughtful, well written and supported by the evidence.;0?10;Total (Sum of all points);0?60;Less deduction taken for spelling, grammar and APA errors. Plagiarism is totally unacceptable.;Adjusted Total Points


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