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Henry Books;Use SQL to complete the following exercises.;1. Create a table named SALES_BRANCH.The table has the same structure as the BRANCH;table shown in Figure 3-34 except the BRANCH_LOCATION column should use the;VARCHAR data type and the BRANCH_NUM and NUM_EMPLOYEES columns should use;the NUMBER data type. Execute the command to describe the layout and characteristics;of the SALES_BRANCH table.;2. Add the following row to the SALES_BRANCH table: branch number: 5, branch name: Henry;Town Plaza, branch location: 165 Plaza, and number of employees: 3. Display the contents;of the SALES_BRANCH table.;3. Delete the SALES_BRANCH table.;4. Run the script file for the Henry Books database to create the six tables and add records;to the tables. Be sure to select the file for the particular DBMS that you are using (Oracle;SQL Server, or Access). (Note: If you do not have the files for this text, ask your instructor;for assistance.);5. Confirm that you have created the tables correctly by describing each table and comparing;the results to Figure 3-34.;6. Confirm that you have added all data correctly by viewing the data in each table and comparing;the results to Figures 1-4 through 1-7 in Chapter 1.;Please do the exercise for Henry Books on Page 91. In step #4, you are instructed to use a script file to build the tables - ignore this instruction. Instead, you will need to build the file yourself using the CREATE TABLE command. The Record layout information is on page 92-93. The records to be entered begin on page 9;Please put all commands in one NOTEPAD file. Include a Screenshot of the results of the execution of any one the problems (one only will suffice) to illustrate your code. Id it is missing, the assignment will not be graded;it would be wise to view my PowerPoint before doing the assignment. The grading rubric is attached.


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