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Computerization of Health Records




(Computerization of Health Records) A health care issue that has been in the news lately is;the computerization of health records. This possibility is being approached cautiously because of;sensitive privacy and security concerns, among others. [We address such concerns in later exercises.];Computerizing health records could make it easier for patients to share their health profiles and histories;among their various health care professionals. This could improve the quality of health care;help avoid drug conflicts and erroneous drug prescriptions, reduce costs and in emergencies, could;save lives. In this exercise, you?ll design a ?starter? HealthProfile class for a person. The class attributes;should include the person?s first name, last name, gender, date of birth (consisting of separate;attributes for the month, day and year of birth), height (in inches) and weight (in pounds). Your class;should have a constructor that receives this data. For each attribute, provide set and get functions.;The class also should include functions that calculate and return the user?s age in years, maximum;heart rate and target-heart-rate range (see Exercise 3.16), and body mass index (BMI, see;Exercise 2.30). Write an application that prompts for the person?s information, instantiates an object;of class HealthProfile for that person and prints the information from that object?including;the person?s first name, last name, gender, date of birth, height and weight?then calculates and;prints the person?s age in years, BMI, maximum heart rate and target-heart-rate range. It should also display the ?BMI values? chart from Exercise 2.30. Use the same technique as Exercise 3.16 to calculate;the person?s age.


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