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I need a Web page made !




Make a web site with at least 3 - 4 pages and select a width of the page at least 760 pixles.;1.text and text boxes with written description documents. The description shall in detail explain the profession,buessnes.;2. shall inclued viedo audio photos. for video or audio provide links of the player to play on site.;3.pages shall be in sequence;4.provide navigational tool at the bottom of each page to eather go to the top, previous or next page.;5.Shall have a simple form for collecting information from the user/customer the information could be;-Email adress and phone number;7.use either vb scripts or javascript to collect information from the form, upon submitting the info have a pop up message saying "the information has been collected.Thanks;Project is due 10/16/14 please help me !


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