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Overriding the equals Method




Overriding the equals Method;File contains a class that holds information about an athlete: name, team, and uniform number. File; contains a skeletal program that uses the Player class to read in information about two;baseball players and determine whether or not they are the same player.;1. Fill in the missing code in ComparePlayers so that it reads in two players and prints ?Same player? if they;are the same, ?Different players? if they are different. Use the equals method, which Player inherits from;the Object class, to determine whether two players are the same. Are the results what you expect?;2. The problem above is that as defined in the Object class, equals does an address comparison. It says that;two objects are the same if they live at the same memory location, that is, if the variables that hold;references to them are aliases. The two Player objects in this program are not aliases, so even if they;contain exactly the same information they will be ?not equal.? To make equals compare the actual;information in the object, you can override it with a definition specific to the class. It might make sense to;say that two players are ?equal? (the same player) if they are on the same team and have the same uniform;number.


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