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2. Project Description;a. Project Synopsis;b. Coding Standard (5 points);All code shall follow the Coding Standard ( Note: There is;no explicit requirement ID for this part.;c. Algorithm Outline (20 points);i. R01_001: create a new VisualC++ project called AirCalc.;ii. R01_002: Read section 2.d. below. Using a C style comment block (/*;*/) immediately below the File Header Comment Block of your;AirCalc.cpp file, write a structured outline in english for the algorithm that;your program will use.;iii. R01_003: Be sure your outline clearly defines the 510;steps and any;loops that your algorithm will use to accomplish the objectives in section;2.d.;d. Program (25 points);i. R01_004: The program shall prompt the user to input a starting and;ending temperature.;ii. R01_005: The program shall verify that the starting temperature is less;than the ending temperature and print an error if not.;iii. R01_006: The program shall output the temperature and corresponding;velocity in 1 degree increments exactly as shown in the following example;(for 0 to 2 degrees);iv. R01_007: Run your program with the following inputs and paste the;resulting output into another C style comment block at the bottom of your;AirCalc.cpp file;Starting Temperature Ending Temperature;0.0 5.0;3.0;1.0;6.0 7.0;30.0 34.0;3. Deliverables;a. The ?AirCalc.cpp? file created in section 2.c. and 2.d. above.


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