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Programming Lab2




Lab 2;Goal: The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate an understanding of constructors.;Problem: You are working in GMU?s HR department. HR is responsible for tracking employee data to include: name, idNumber, department, and if orientation was attended. Whenever a new employee is hired, not all data is always available. You figure out data is always available in one of the following combinations;? The ID number and name are known, but the department is not;? The ID number is known, but the name and department are not;? The ID number, name, and department are all known;If orientation was attended is never known.;The following employees currently exist;? ID: 5678. Name = Mary Contrary. The department is unknown;? ID: 1234, Name = Stu Dyalot, Department = AIT;? ID: 2468, Name = Julian Date. The department is unknown;Create an object-oriented solution to;? Simulate the creation of these three employees with a message noting all employees have been loaded;? Creates a fourth employee from user input, entering only an ID number and name;? Provides a menu of all four employees with the opportunity to mark employees as having attended orientation, until the user indicates they are finished.;o Note: Before marking an employee as having attended orientation, a check should occur to make sure the employee has not already attended orientation.;Note: Your program must use information hiding and your data definition class should not have any input or output statements in it.


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