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divideNumber function and multiplyNumber




1.(i)add a divideNumber function and multiplyNumber function. have a header file and it should perform the following equation using many variables you want and calling math function (((3-2)+(4*6))/(3+2))*7=?;(ii) create a new program, using the code from above question 1(i) to ask the user for a number, then add the number to 5, divide it by 3, multiply it by 7 and subtract 8 from it. test if the answer to any of those operations is negative and print "You LOSE" if any are negative.;(iii)Modify the above question to ask the user?s name before asking for mathematical input. You do not need to check if their name is correct. You should use a while loop around the other input, however.Accept their name using fgets.;Accept their sign +,-,*,/ using fgets as well. Remember that this will be only one character. What array index should you grab then?


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