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Java Applet that manages staff with an Oracle table




I have an urgent need for this assignment as another teacher that took;it was more than a day late and had nothing to turn in. Now it is late and I am losing points as we speak.;Write a Java applet that views, inserts, and updates staff information stored in a table Staff in an Oracle Database as shown in Figure 1. The View button displays a record with a specified ID. The Staff table is created with the SQL statement below.;The attached picture shows the applet that lets you view, insert, and update staff information.;Create table Staff;id char(9) NOT NULL;lastName VARCHAR2(15);firstName VARCHAR2(15);mi char(10);address VARCHAR2(20);city VARCHAR2(20);state char(2);telephone char(10);email VARCHAR2(40);PRIMARY KEY(id);Deliverables;3 test cases in a table with screenshots;an architecture diagram just like the one attached (I use gliffy);a zip file of your Netbeans project and any additional files if required;the servlet URL is defined in web.xml and etc;SQL Scripts and How to execute them.


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