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Hello I need to extract data from a websitel. I have access to a website. i have credentials to a website. I will need to extract this data in a pdf form. Let me know if you can do it. I will need to log into a website called;Username: paigem;Password: miamipaige50;Look at the attachment;Log into the following website-;;Username: paigem;Password: miamipaige50;Once logged in, you will be taken to the main screen, click on Store admin;Then click on Sales then Orders;Then you will see a 5,500+ orders. Click on the edit button as seen below;Then you will get details on the order. I need the email addresses of each order and the order number.;I need this for all 5500+ orders. There are going to be some that do not have email addresses. That will be okay. But I need it for the ones that do!;Let me know if you have any questions;PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT FOR DETAILS


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