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Computer Applications and Business Systems Concepts




1.You might zip a file to reduce its size and to: A) improve packet throughput;B) bypass certain file type restrictions;C) make the file easier to read;D) improve packet switching 2. In Windows, a right click will always produce a(n): A) Shortcut menu;B) Folder;C) File;D) Zipped file 3. Which is not part of the four operations that make up the information processing cycle? A) Processing;B) Output;C) Storage;D) Hardware 4. Computers are made up of these three fundamental components: A) Monitor, printer, and system unit;B) Monitor, input devices, and peripherals;C) Input, processing, and output;D) CPU, memory, and storage 5. IP stands for A) Internet Protocol;B) Internet provider;C) Internet priority;D) Internet procedures 6. Which of the following is NOT an example of a Web Browser A) Microsoft Internet Explorer;B) Mozilla Firefox;C) Google Chrome;D) Microsoft Office 7. A complete URL has four parts: protocol, domain name, path, and A) Index page;B) Resource name;C) Home page;D) directory 8. Instant messaging (IM) and text messaging are ideal for: A) Complex discussions;B) Venting anger;C) Brief conversations;D) Lengthy discussions 9. When you want to let your potential employer see the personal side of you what document would you send to him/her? A) Resume;B) Memo;C) Transcript;D) Cover letter 10. What is NOT a characteristic of a Blog? A) Another form of a journal;B) Easy to create;C) Can create restrictive access;D) You must have your own server to create 11. Before you are done with your research paper you should always: A) Save your paper;B) Check the grammar;C) Check your spelling;D) All the choices 12. Descriptive words matching the qualifications that an employer posted somewhere in the resume: A) Synonym;B) Antonym;C) Computer literacy;D) Keyword 13. One day you decide to turn in a resource paper that you found on the Internet. You are: A) Being efficient;B) Plagiarizing;C) Legal;D) Whistle-blowing 14. What is not considered a Cloud application? A) Multimedia devices;B) Shutterfly;C) YouTube;D) Google Docs 15. A cloud that is operated for a single organization is called: A) Community cloud;B) Public cloud;C) Hybrid cloud;D) Private cloud 16. Given the file designator below, in which folder is the file located? C:\Spring\Computer\Homework\Assg1.doc A) Homework;B) C;C) Computer;D) Spring;17. Application files commonly have the extension: A).prog;B).txt;C).docx;D).exe 18. If you ____ a file, the original is left intact and a duplicate is created in a new location. A) Move;B) Delete;C) Create a shortcut to;D) Copy 19. Which character is permitted in file names? A) Space;B);C) /;D) > 20. Which application created by Microsoft is considered a digital notebook? A) Microsoft PowerPoint;B) Microsoft Publisher;C) Microsoft OneNote;D) Microsoft Access


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