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INF103 week 3 quiz all correct




INF103: Computer Literacy;Week 3 quiz;All correct;Question 1. 1. Which of the following tasks would you MOST likely use a spreadsheet to complete? (Points: 1);Write a class report.;Give a work presentation.;Calculating numbers.;Create a web page.;Question 2. 2. Which of the following can be used to determine how much traffic a website is getting? (Points: 1);IP Address;Analytics;Account manager;Web App;Question 3. 3. The Internet is BEST described as a vast _______ connection of computer networks that also link to smaller networks. (Points: 1);worldwide;nationwide;government;private;Question 4. 4. People who are physically disabled are able to use the Internet due to: (Points: 1);web Accessibility Standards.;closed Caption options.;braille translation.;color schemes.;Question 5. 5. Which of the following is NOT a computer protocol? (Points: 1);FTP;SMTP;ISP;TCP;Question 6. 6. Information is sent on the Internet in: (Points: 1);packets.;pockets.;switches.;samples.;Question 7. 7. Beginning in the upper left corner of a spread sheet, where would you look to find cell C6? (Points: 1);Three rows down and six columns right.;Six rows down and three columns right.;Three columns down and six rows right.;Six columns down and three rows right.;Question 8. 8. Which of the following BEST describes the difference between an intranet and internet? (Points: 1);An intranet is public, an internet is private.;An internet is public, an intranet is private.;An internet provides an email function, an intranet does not.;An intranet provides an email function, an internet does not.;Question 9. 9. A high bandwidth gives you faster: (Points: 1);computer speed.;internet connection.;screen refresh rate.;hard drive access.;Question 10. 10. The set of rules for how computers talk to one another is called: (Points: 1);hypertext.;telnet.;message.;protocol.


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