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Paper for Proff.Venawells;Develop and submit a project plan including implementation steps for the configuration and;implementation of a cluster computing solution to support a mission critical application.;In a project of 4?5 pages, complete the following;Using the Small Group Discussion Board, summarize the mission critical application (i.e. e-mail, Web;or database services) and the cluster computing model to be implemented. The group's submission;should highlight the following;? How the model that you have selected will minimize downtime and increase performance.;Your discussion should include hardware to be used and the implementation strategy you;will follow to reduce the single points of failure.;?;? Identify storage connectivity types (Fiber or Ethernet).;? Will your implementation leverage shared storage?;How have you configured each node to mitigate your risk of having a single point;of failure (multiple NIC, HBA cards, internal HD, etc.)?;?;? Are your node located in same data center, multiple cities etc., and why?;? Create a diagram of your cluster implementation. The diagram should depict the following;? All nodes of the cluster;? LAN connection;? Storage connection points and all redundant connections;? IP addressing schemes for public and private network connections


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