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Data Abstraction Problem Solving 6th ed by walls




write a brief explnation about each topic and example or definition if possible;Book "Data Abstraction Problem Solving 6th ed by walls;1) C-H-Review and Introduction;a. Software Development;i. High Quality Software;ii. Code Reuse;i i i. D o c u m e n t a t i o n;1. Precondition;2. Postcondition;b. Abstract Data Types;i. Abstraction and Data hiding;i i. D e fi n i t i o n;iii. ADTs vs data structures;c. Pointers and Structs;i. Syntax of array of pointers;ii. Structs vs classes;d. Dynamic Memory Allocation;i. Memory leaks and their causes;ii. Syntax of dynamic memory allocation/deallocation;e. Objects and Classes;i. Header vs.cpp file;ii. Private vs. public;2) Array Based Lists;a. Indroduction to Lists;i. D e fi n i t i o n;ii. ADT or data structure?;b. Operations;i. List Operations;c. Implementations;i. Array-based;1. Resizing arrays;ii. Sorted array-based;1. Linear search;2. Binary search;d. I t e r a t o r;i. What is it for?


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