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Specialized Network Administration




In today?s operating environment, networks are becoming more complex than ever before. Voice, data, video, and wireless solutions are all traversing the same physical media. These networks are referred to as converged networks. Considering the new deployment trend, special considerations must be given to network design and each system's place in the network. In 3?4 pages complete the following:? Discuss performance benefits relative to network design, system placement, and configuration. ? Describe a situation in which you had to modify the logical design of your environment to improve the performance, or discuss a situation in which you think a logical separation would benefit the overall performance of the infrastructure. Grading Criteria:Students are graded on the quality and originality of their posts and responses, not the quantity. Students are expected to: ? Discuss the benefits design: The network should be designed based on the services that will be supported in the environment. Logical separation of services improves overall performance and mitigates security risk exposure. ? Describe a situation when performance was improved by logical design: A network that has a high-traffic application should be placed on a separate logical network (VLAN) so that other network application's performance is not affected. Traffic is isolated. Web traffic could be placed in a logically separate network to reduce security risk as well.


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