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I normally use RAD (Rational Application Developer)




I normally use RAD (Rational Application Developer);Here is the ShipmentApp and Shipment classes from ReveiwEX2 that you need to copy into c3.;If you can just code i can throw it in RAD if you don't have it.;package c2;public class ShipmentApp;Code for for Shipment app;public static void main(String[] args);Shipment shipObj = new Shipment("99", "Costco", "12/15/2011";10:25 AM", "33");shipObj.display();package c2;public class Shipment;String shipmentNum;String supplierName;String rcvDate;String rcvTime;String employeeNum;public Shipment(String sNum, String sName, String rDate, String rTime;String eNum);super();this.shipmentNum = sNum;this.supplierName = sName;this.rcvDate = rDate;this.rcvTime = rTime;this.employeeNum = eNum;public void display();System.out.println(this.shipmentNum);System.out.println(this.supplierName);System.out.println(this.rcvDate);System.out.println(this.rcvTime);System.out.println(this.employeeNum)


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