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ISY00245 Principles of Programming - Major Assignment




Major Assignment;Objectives;This assignment will provide practice and experience in;Writing a program ? Topic 2;Debugging? Topic 3;Stepwise Refinement & Modularisation ? Topic 4 and Topic 10;Selection ? Topic 5;Iteration ? Topic 6;Arrays ? Topic 7;File handling ? Topic 9;Structs ? Topic 11;NB Depending on when you start this assignment you may need to read ahead especially on how to use files and structs.;Suggestions;Read the assignment specifications carefully first. Write the first version of your program in Week 4 and then create new versions as you learn new topics. Do NOT leave it until Week 11 to start writing the program. Review Topic 4 on stepwise refinement. This is how you should approach the major. Also note that though your program must do something and must compile it does not have to be complete to earn marks.;Specifications;One of the many tasks that programmers get asked to do is to convert data from one form to another. Frequently data is presented to users in well-labelled, tabular form for easy reading. However, it is impossible or very difficult to do further processing of the data unless it is changed into a more useful form.;For the purposes of this assignment I have downloaded and will make available the undergraduate applications to the 37 Australian universities from the Department of Education for 2009 ? 2013 data file as a text file.;Your program will load this data into an array of structs, save the data in a form that is directly usable by a database (see below), display the data on the console in its original form and in its database form. It will also allow the user to display the highest number of applications for a given state and year.;Your program will use a menu to allow the user to choose what task is to be done. You will only be required to handle the Applications data. You can ignore the Offers and Offers rates data (see below).;Data;See ?undergraduateapplicationsoffersandacceptances2013appendices.txt? for the original data.;This is the data your program should produce and save;New South Wales Charles Sturt University 4265 4298 4287 4668 4614;New South Wales Macquarie University 6255 6880 7294 7632 7625;New South Wales Southern Cross University 2432 2742 2573 2666 2442;New South Wales The University of New England 1601 1531 1504 1632 1690;New South Wales The University of New South Wales 10572 10865 11077 11008 11424;New South Wales The University of Newcastle 9364 9651 9876 10300 10571;New South Wales The University of Sydney 13963 14631 14271 14486 15058;New South Wales "University of Technology, Sydney" 10155 9906 9854 10621 9614;New South Wales University of Western Sydney 11251 11776 11713 11947 13158;New South Wales University of Wollongong 3645 3685 3843 3801 3608;Victoria Deakin University 10780 12301 11223 11443 11288;Victoria La Trobe University 7350 8377 8971 8987 9019;Victoria Monash University 13346 15148 15119 14128 14786;Victoria RMIT University 12830 13232 13444 13556 12472;Victoria Swinburne University of Technology 3091 3314 3494 3288 3099;Victoria The University of Melbourne 10035 8995 9242 10854 11315;Victoria University of Ballarat 1609 1718 1697 1531 1334;Victoria Victoria University 5334 5427 4708 4789 4475;Queensland Central Queensland University 2970 3114 3016 3808 3931;Queensland Griffith University 10513 11828 12137 11342 11003;Queensland James Cook University 4852 5675 5371 5882 5899;Queensland Queensland University of Technology 12062 13806 13446 13538 14255;Queensland The University of Queensland 12939 14169 14359 14469 14778;Queensland University of Southern Queensland 3754 4378 3730 3219 2508;Queensland University of the Sunshine Coast 2238 2569 2466 2594 2656;Western Australia Curtin University of Technology 5814 6993 7015 7013 7484;Western Australia Edith Cowan University 3769 4343 3481 3407 3257;Western Australia Murdoch University 2706 2837 2893 3102 2834;Western Australia The University of Western Australia 6361 6661 7143 5782 5366;South Australia Flinders University of South Australia 4558 5133 5442 5639 5823;South Australia The University of Adelaide 7613 7348 7971 8510 8969;South Australia University of South Australia 8960 9419 8950 9651 9504;Northern Territory Charles Darwin University 2148 2335 2403 2625 2769;Tasmania University of Tasmania 9251 9692 10521 11722 12482;Australian Capital Territory The Australian National University 3541 3326 3329 3379 3263;Australian Capital Territory University of Canberra 1917 1905 2166 2088 2050;Multi-State Australian Catholic University 5893 6988 7181 8060 8974;Suggested Approach (Save a new version after each step);I have put in brackets my assessment of the relative difficulty of each task. I found a hard task took more effort than a medium task which in turn took more effort than an ?easy? task.;1) (easy) Write a method to display instructions to the user;2) (easy) Write the code to display a menu and test it;3) (easy) Write the code to display the contents of the data file line by line;4) (easy) Write the code to save the contents of the data file to a new file;5) (medium) Write the code to copy the file data into a simple array of structs where the structure is something like;struct data string line;and the array is;data[] myData = new data[100];6) (easy) Write the code to deal with the unnecessary data at the start;7) (medium) Write the code to deal with the unnecessary data at the end;8) (hard) Write the code to modify the code to convert the original data into database format. You do not have to follow the exact structure given above, e.g. you could use commas instead of tabs;You may want to divide this into two problems. First treat the numbers as a string, i.e.;New South Wales, Charles Sturt University,"3,769";and when you have that working then work out how to convert "3,769" into 3769 etc;9) (easy) Modify the struct to handle the modified data;10) (easy) Modify the file save code so that is saves the modified data;11) (medium) Write the code to find the highest number of applications in a year for a state;NB you can simulate any step in order to gain marks. For instance if you cannot modify the data into database format you could have a separate file with the sample data abaove and use that data to show that you can find the highest value in an array of structs.;Submission;You must zip (zip not rar, arg, hqx, 7z or any other format) your entire project, include the marking sheet with the Assignment Cover Sheet section completed and upload the one submission.;Failure to follow these instructions will delay marking and you may be asked to resubmit the assignment correctly.


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