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Risk and Budget Management




Risk management should be a planned activity and not regarded as an activity given cursory attention.;Based on your understanding of the topic, create a 2-3 page report in a Microsoft Word document to express your views on the following;If you determine a type of risk inherent to completing a project, how will you respond to the situation? Move out of the project immediately or analyze the risk and begin taking steps to respond to the risk. Discuss.;As we discussed in previous weeks, there are five main process groups of a project: What are some of the tools you can use to ensure quality throughout the project?;Initiating;Planning;Controlling;Executing;Closing;Quality control should be important during each of these phases of the project. What are some of the types of quality control measures that should be taken with each of these process groups?;Cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format


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