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WEB407 (Version 4) - Week 5 Learning Team Assignment- Kudler Fine Foods




WEB407 (Version 4) - Week 5 Learning Team Assignment- Kudler Fine Foods;Kudler Fine Foods, located in the Virtual Organizations, has decided to sell their products on the web and is looking for someone to design an online ordering system for them. Before it awards a contract, Kudler would first like to see a written proposal from each potential IT vendor. Your team is one of those vendors. The Learning Team will complete a written proposal as well as a slideshow presentation for Kudler management to consider, due in Week Five.;Components of the written proposal include the following;? Design a database to track the company?s products and orders. Choose either an open-source product or a proprietary product to use, and explain your reasons for choosing it. Identify some of the characteristics of database configuration used in your design.;? Explain how the web programming language PHP is set up. Then, include research on PHP shopping cart packages that are available to meet the needs of Kudler Fine Foods, and recommend one to use. Explain why you would recommend it.;? Include a mockup of the web page illustrating how the user would interface with the site to place an order. Describe appropriate methods for managing user input within the design, and the role the web server plays in receiving orders.;? Decide if you would use client-side or server-side validation for product orders. Explain your decision.;? Identify how your team would apply web standards in the design of the website.;? Explain why your proposal would be a good option for Kudler Fine Foods.;Create a PowerPoint? presentation, due in Week Five, which provides an overview of your proposal to Kudler Fine Foods management. Include notes at the bottom of each slide to indicate what you would say in your oral presentation.


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