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PRG 411 (Version 7) ? Week 3 Individual-Object-Oriented Guessing Game, Part Two




PRG 411 (Version 7) ? Week 3 Individual-Object-Oriented Guessing Game, Part Two;Programming Assignment Worksheet;Use the object-oriented guessing game program developed in Week Two.;Add functionality to store the guesses the user makes in an array up to a maximum number of guesses stored in a constant. Display the list of guesses after the correct guess has been made. The list will be stored in an array of objects from a new class you create called Guess.;Create three other classes in addition to Guess: High, Low, and Correct. These three will inherit from Guess. The array will use inheritance and polymorphism to display the guess made and a string of whether it was high, low, or correct for each guess. The high, low, or correct string needs to come from a method in these classes. Allow the user to decide if he or she wants to play another game.;Include the proper header and make sure you properly comment your program. Also, make sure you use proper coding conventions.;Complete the Programming Assignment Worksheet.;Submit the worksheet with an file, with the source and executables.


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