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PRG 411 (Version 7) ? Week 2 Individual- Object-Oriented Guessing Game, Part One




Programming Assignment Worksheet;Write a console-based object-oriented C++ program that generates a random number and prompts the user to guess it.;Allow the user to guess the number until they find one that matches. Each time the user guesses, tell the user if the guess matches. If the guess does not match, tell the user if the guess was too high or too low.;Use a nonstatic member variable integer within a class called GuessingGame to store the random number obtained from a built-in function. Include a static member constant for the maximum random number the computer can choose. Set the initial random value of the random number member variable in a constructor. Use the this member to reference the random number. The remainder of your program will be in the main function in the same file. Instantiate the GuessingGame object and use its random number member within your program.;Include the proper header and make sure you properly comment your program. Make sure you use proper coding conventions.;Complete the Programming Assignment Worksheet;Submit the worksheet with an file, with the source and executables.


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