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Carefully read Chapter 1: pages 1-47 (Stop after "To Exit Publisher").;Complete all directions to help you create the Shadows Blue concert flyer. Always follow textbook instructions unless otherwise specified. Use the font scheme and color scheme as directed. For this assignment, make the following change;1. Page 23: #2 (Tearoff text: For the first line, type your first and last name 555-TICKETS instead of Shadows Blue 555-TICKETS. Make sure that this all fits on the first line. If it doesn't, simply type your last name 555-TICKETS. Type the second line as directed in the textbook (Online at;Other Reminders;It should take you a minimum of four hours to carefully read everything in pages 1-47 and complete the document creation, editing, and proofreading. You are encouraged to read and REREAD the text from this chapter.;Once you type your tear-off text, you may need to click twice outside of the text box where you typed the text. You only have to type the tear-off text once and then Publisher will synchronize it (Page 23).;Pay particular attention to all of the Q&A and BTW sections!;F9 function key allows you to Zoom In/Out.


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