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Time Management Plan;You are required to provide an effective time management plan that will lead to successful submission of all your assessment items for this course on time. Use the study schedule and the course material (textbook and study book /course content online) to get an understanding of the material you need to cover. Level of expertise and background knowledge will be different for each student. Determine where you need to spend more time.;Chapter 1 of the current third edition of the textbook will provide project planning information that you need to use.;You need to consult the following links and information accessible through the UConnect study desk;• Study schedule (see course content on line or printed introductory book);• Chapter one of the current textbook;• All assignment specifications posted on the study desk;• USQ library links to Harvard referencing and citing;• Links on study desk providing information on the report format required by this course;Create a work breakdown structure as per chapter one of the textbook. In Microsoft Project (included in the course material on the CD – licence as per link on study desk) create a project schedule for this course.;In your essay discuss the differences and highlight the suitability of the breakdown structure and the MS project.;Literature review;Using the USQ library and Google Scholar locate two recent journal papers on security – chose a specific topic. Write a literature review on these two journals papers (max 2 pages). Relate the literature review to the security issue that is most important to you either through own or work experience (max 2 page).;As this is a course about security, and we are going to cover more on this in later modules, please do be cautious about sensitive information about an individual or organisation as you are preparing this assessment item. Security starts with the way we communicate information, and awareness is crucial in this process. As current or future managers it is imperative to be alert about the sensitivity of information of other people or organisations.;Submission requirements;You need to submit your essay on EASE.;Do not email the essay to the course leader. If you are unable to upload, notify the course leader of the issue so that it may be resolved for you to upload the assessment.;Please note that all assessment items in this course must adhere to the correct Harvard citing and referencing. For this purpose links have been provided to you on the study desk. However, you can consult the library web site for further details and clarifications.


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