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Need Netbeans or Eclipse project. FULL CODE ALREADY COMPLETED




I have the following code and I need it imported, debugged, and a full project built for Netbeans. All the code is already done, but my form action fails with a 404 when submitted. Should be easy for Java developer. The deliverable is the full Netbeans project zip file. Attached is what the output should be from the application and the code file. The code file contains 3 files: the main page, controller, and model. Below is the requirement for the program;Project 1 involves building a Web application that is designed using Java Server Pages (JSP) Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern and Model 1 Architecture (Covers Module 2: Java Server Pages) This project is intended to enforce your knowledge in: Developing Web Applications using Model 1 Web-application implementation using a View-Controller JSP page and a Model JavaBean.;Project Requirements Develop and implement the a Subtraction Quiz Web application using Model 1 architecture, that: Write a JSP program that generates subtraction quizzes randomly, as shown in Figure 1a.The first number must always be greater than or equal to the second number. After the user answers all questions, the JSP displays the result, as shown in Figure 1b.


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