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INF 103 week 1 Quiz




INF103 Computer Literacy;Week 1 Quiz (All correct);Question 1.;In the 1970s which company developed computer innovations such as the mouse, graphical user interface, and word processors? (Points: 1);Microsoft;IBM;Xerox;Apple;Question 2.;Digital literacy is a skill that is important for: (Points: 1);utilizing computers effectively.;counting numbers.;reading digits.;hacking computer information.;Question 3.;A significant and powerful aspect of the Java language is the: (Points: 1);Source program.;Applet.;Compiler.;Object program.;Question 4.;Which of the following is NOT an example of systems software? (Points: 1);Operating systems;Utilities;Device drivers;Applications;Question 5.;Which of the following is NOT a component of the von Neumann architecture of a computer? (Points: 1);Memory;Arithmetic logic unit;Control unit;Monitor;Question 6.;Literacy is best defined as knowing how to: (Points: 1);walk and talk.;memorize and recite.;read and write.;think and dream.;Question 7.;Not all Apple products have been successful. Which of the following was not initially a commercial success? (Points: 1);Lisa;Mac;Apple II;PC;Question 8.;How many generations of computer languages have there been since the middle of the 20th century? (Points: 1);3;4;5;6;Question 9.;If someone was concerned about identify theft, they would be interested in learning more about: (Points: 1);computer piracy.;computer security.;computer viruses.;computer impact.;Question 10.;Which action BEST describes a branch in a computer program? (Points: 1);It jumps to a non-sequential line number.;It moves one line number ahead.;It moves one line number backwards.;It stays on the same line number and calculates new data.


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