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C# console based shopping cart




1. The first two options in the menu are veryu self-explanatory-;a. User should be able to add and remove items as many times as possible before they check out.;b. Users should be provided an option of specifying the quantity of the item being puchased;Please perfrm all real time checks such as-user should bot be able to add more than what is available in inventory file, add or remove negative quantity, add or remove string input for quantity.;2. Third option-user should be able to get a neat and a clean tabulated display of the shopping cart, you will need to perform some basic text formatting here-;a. before proceeding to the checkout, user should be provided with one final option of editing their shopping cart/;3. Fourth option- Checkout and Pay should display the total amount spent by user. There is no need to perform credit card validation. Checkout and pay page display the items purchased and the total amount payable.;a. Upon successful checkout the quantity of the item(s) must be updated from the product.inventory.xml file to reflect that the purchase has taken place.;4. Exit option allows the user to exit out of the system.;a. Every time the user exits, a beep sound is made by the system


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