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Go into Publisher 2013 and look at your screen. The most popular template categories come up automatically. Make CERTAIN that you are using Publisher 2013. If you do not have this software, you can download it from the Blackboard home page. You could also go to TNCC's Academic Computer Lab to complete your work.;During this upcoming week, each of you need to complete, save, and print the following items. Use the templates to create;Two different greeting cards (one birthday and one different kind of greeting card). Make sure to personalize your cards and change the pictures. Use real photographs (or at the very least -- use photos from Microsoft Clip Art). Make sure to include pictures and/or text on all four pages of each card.;One Certificate of Appreciation (under Awards Certificates). You could also choose the Sports or Star Certificate. Be sure to fill in all of the blanks to personalize this. If your certificate contains a textbox with a "pyramid" shape, right click on the pyramid and left click on "Change Picture." This is an area where you can insert your own "logo.;One Calendar. Make sure to make changes to the template. Do not just create and print exactly what is in the calendar template. Use September or any future month.;Be creative with your documents and have fun with them.;A few reminders about today's lecture;You cannot type text in a template unless there is a text box there. If a text box does not already exist, look under your "Home" tab, click on "Draw Text Box," put your mouse in the upper left hand corner of the area where you want to draw your box, left click and hold it down, and make a text box.;Use the Insert tab for inserting pictures or clip art.;Use the Page Design tab to change your font scheme and your color scheme. You can change these schemes anytime. This is a great feature because the original template may not have colors that you like. Just remember to use the color scheme and font scheme for changing colors and fonts. Do not just randomly make color and font changes from the icons on the toolbar. Make sure that your color scheme choice coordinates well with the overall color scheme in the photographs that you use.;Use the Review tab to always Spell Check your documents.;Your F9 function key can make a textbox larger (this is often helpful for proofreading)


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