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IT 242 WEEK 9 Final Project WAN Design




Final Project: WAN Design;? Read Appendix A.;? Develop a plan to set up a wide area network based on the scenario presented in Appendix A. Your plan must include the following;o An overview of the company and its needs;o A logical network drawing for Acme to depict the recommended WAN;o Recommendations for the type of leased lines the company must choose at each location, how each location connects to headquarters, and whether or not each location must be able to connect with the others;o Recommendations for what type of telecommunications system would work best for Acme: PBX or VoIP;o The IP address scheme, including the range of IP addresses, broadcast addresses, and subnets;o A VLAN to appropriately address Acme?s concerns that departments that are not grouped together are logically connected;o Recommendations for network equipment that must be placed at each location, also consider equipment based on the teleconferencing needs;o Protocols used for the routers at each location;o Recommendations for wireless technology;o Recommendations for securing the network;? Create a 700? to 1,050?word network design document addressing each of Acme?s requirements with your recommendations.;? Format to APA guidelines.;? Post your design as a Microsoft? Word attachment.


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