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An organization recently discovered that some members of its sales, accounting, and administration teams did not know how to use spreadsheets. Therefore, this organization hired the service of your company to train its team of sales personnel on Microsoft Excel. You are assigned the task of arranging this training.;Create a report in a 2-3 Microsoft Word document listing details of all the steps you will take to kick off this training.;The list should consist of the following major tasks;Identifying the need for the training;Obtaining president's approval;Program customization;Organizing a kick-off meeting;Note: Like most companies, this company does not have unlimited resources.;Based on your understanding of IT project management, express your views on the following;What are the criteria used by companies to select the IT projects to be funded?;Why some tasks are considered more important than others? Discuss.;Support your responses with examples.;Cite any sources in APA format;This is a tip given by the instructor;What drives an organization to start a project? Usually business benefits drive an organization to take up a project. Before a project is initiated, cost-benefit analysis is conducted by business. Almost all projects are initiated by business departments as the funding comes from them. There are processes in place to evaluate all the projects in the pipeline, their estimated cost and urgency. This information is used to prioritize projects within a portfolio. Usually there is a finite number of dollar amount allocated within a portfolio each year. Business departments use their own justifications to decide which project should be implemented


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