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Design a program in pseudocode that solves this problem




Input a list of employee names and salaries, and determine the mean (average) salary as well as the minimum salary and maximum salary.;Design a program in pseudocode that solves this problem. You are required to generate only the pseudocode - No charting or analysis section is required, but you may have to incorporate the bubble sort algorithm to determine the minimum and maximum salary.;(Book Code);Integer variables: Sum, Count1, Count2, and K;Float variables: Score and Average;1 Declare Medieval[100] As Float;2 Set Sum = 0;3 Set Count1 = 0;4 Write ?Enter a test score (or 999 to quit): ?;5 Input Score;6 While Score != 999;7 Set Medieval[Count1] = Score;8 Set Count1 = Count1 + 1;9 Set Sum = Sum + Score;10 Write ?Enter another score or 999 to quit: ?;11 Input Score;12 End While;13 Set Average = Sum/Count1;14 Set Count2 = 0;15 Set K = 0;16 While K Average Then;18 Set Count2 = Count2 + 1;19 End If;20 Set K = K + 1;21 End While;22 Write ?The average is:? + Average;23 Write ?The number of scores above the average is: ? + Count2;24 Write ?The number of scores below the average is: ? + (Count1 ? Count2;My Pseudocode;Declare Names[30], Salaries[30];Declare Sum as Float;Declare Count as Integer;Declare K as Integer;Declare Average as Float;Declare StudentName As String;Set Sum = 0;Set Count = 0;Set K = 1;Write ?Enter Name, enter " when done.;Input StudentName;While StudentName != "*;Input Name, Salary;While Salary ?0?;Set Count1 = Count1 + 1;Set Sum = Sum + Salary;Write ?Enter Name and Salary;Input Name, Salary;End While;Set Average = Sum / Count1;Set Count2 = 0;Set Count3 = 0;For K = 1 Step 1 to Count1;If Salary K > Average Then;Set Count2 = Count2 + 1;End If;If Salary K < Average Then;Set Count3 = Count3 + 1;End If;End For;End While;Write ?Average Salary: $?, Average;Write ?Maximum Salary:?, Count2;Write ?Minimum Salary:?, Count3


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