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Developing a Shopping Cart for a Website [PHP]




Developing a Shopping Cart for a Website;Now that you have built a web page for your business, you will be adding a shopping cart allowing users to add and remove items from it.;Modify your Products page to include an Add link, under each item (this link is a simple tag that will direct the user to another page, that will add the item to a cookie list). When the user clicks Add, he or she is directed to the Shopping Cart page (a PHP page that runs on the server side) where the item is stored inside a cookie.;Your Products page needs to also have a Remove link next to the Add link. When the user clicks Remove, the item needs to be removed by simply deleting its information from the cookie where the item was stored. It is a good idea to use the item Name or ID as an indicator to determine which cookie to remove.;The Shopping Cart PHP page needs to add the item to a cookie list and then display the contents of the cookie list to the user?to show the items added to the cart. The items can be displayed in a table format. Remember, each item is stored in a different cookie or you can use one cookie to store all the items, you simply add a separator between each item. For example, a cookie could contain the following items: Hat, Pants, and T-Shirt.;You can use PHP script to parse the cookie content by splitting the contents into three separate items or you may also use an array of cookies to store multiple items.;Submit your code as well as a test plan, in a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word document consisting of;Screenshots of your project (showing design, data entered, and displayed);A paragraph explaining how you tested your project;All HTML or PHP script zipped under one file;Support your responses with examples.;==============================================;I've added two files.;One Product.php;One Product.xml;Product.php reads content of Product.XML and load them into a table on Product.PHP page.;I just need to add the part where AddtoCart and RemoveFromCart will be added.;Thanks;Tunde


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