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dear tutor can help solve part D only of this ques...




dear tutor can help solve part D only of this question, I'm dividing the question as you required .. so part d only in details and please provide me with the equation that you use before you apply the numbers in to it , please dob't use any computer method to solve it ... thank you very much for your help,Thank uuuuuu :),dear tutor , can you find IRR with out assuming its 16 or 18% , my teacher say this way is takes time as we don't have computer and the time is limited, so its not correct method , can you calculated using equation or by drawing cash flow and calculate it then .. many thanks for your help,dear tutor your have 3 days , thanks,based on what you made your assumption of the irr to be 16 % and 18% ? why u didn't chose as an example 14% or 15% .. please can you explain .. and thanks for your time,Thank u:))


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