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Question 1;In Fedora Core 4, if you need to create a mount point on the current file system, you first create a directory in the file system using the ____ command.;Question 2;The /proc file system is known as a(n) ____-file system, which directly interfaces with the kernel and is stored in memory;Question 3;The Extended 2 file system in Fedora Core 4 provides ____ to keep files safe from intruders who might gain unauthorized physical access to sensitive, stored data.;Question 1;In Windows XP, the ____ is a hierarchical database that contains configuration entries.;Question 2;In Fedora Core 4, you can use the ____ to assist in routine file system management.;Question 3;To change the default permissions to be executable by the group and all others in Fedora Core 4, you can use the ____ command.


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