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Week 4;What are the pros and cons of sparklines vs. charts?;Week 5;Do you prefer using the Datasheet view or the Design view for creating tables? Why? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each method.;Week 6;What needs to be done to a database to ensure that the data is useful and what role can queries play in that?;Week 7;Discuss ways you can make forms user friendly.;Week 8;There is another software suite called OpenOffice, it is open source software. Open source software is available for free. You can download it from:;Go to this site and download and install the suite on your computer.;OpenOffice has a presentation application called Impress. Compare Impress to PowerPoint.;What features does one have that the other doesn't?;What do they have in common. Which one do you prefer and why?;Would Impress be adequate for professional business use?


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