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DeVry Chicago BIS 155 Week 4 Quiz 2014




1.Question:(TCO 8) In a tab-delimited file, ________ separate the data.;Student Answer: commas;tabs;spaces;hyphens;Question 2.Question:(TCO 8) The Text Import Wizard displays when a(n) ________ file is imported.;Student Answer: Access database;XML;CSV;txt;Question 3.Question:(TCO 8) Which of the following is NOT a method for refreshing data?;Student Answer: Click the Refresh All command.;Save the Excel workbook.;Click the Refresh All arrow, then click Refresh.;Right-click in a range of data and then select Refresh.;Question 4.Question:(TCO 8) The Convert Text to Columns Wizard allows you to choose the file type, such as Delimited or ________ width.;Student Answer: Fixed;Mixed;Divided;Text;Question 5.Question:(TCO 8) Which of the following is a frequently used function to manipulate txt?;Student Answer: CONCATENATE;PMT;IF;DATE;Question 6.Question:(TCO 8) To change the text string Jack Doe to JACK DOE, use the ________ function.;Student Answer: UPPER;LOWER;PROPER;CONCATENATE;Question 7.Question:(TCO 8) Which of the following will produce the same result as the CONCATENATE function?;Student Answer: =A4&B4;=A4+B4;=A4B4;=A4,B4;Question 8.Question:(TCO 8) When the data source you select for a mail merge is an Excel workbook that has more than one worksheet, what does Word do?;Student Answer: Automatically uses the data from the first worksheet in the workbook.;Automatically uses the data from the last worksheet in the workbook.;Displays a list of the worksheet names and lets you pick which one to use.;Displays an error message and is unable to continue.;Question 9.Question:(TCO 8) In Excel, the Compare and Merge command is located on which of the following tabs?;Student Answer: Review tab;Data tab;File tab;None of the above;Question 10.Question:(TCO 8) If first and last names are combined in a single column, you can split them into two separate columns using the ________.;Student Answer: Split Names Wizard;PivotTable feature;CONCATENATE function;Convert Text to Columns Wizard;Question 11.Question:(TCO 8) The ________ command displays all comments in the entire workbook.;Student Answer: Track Changes;Show Ink;Show/Hide Comment;Show All Comments;Question 12.Question:(TCO 8) If you have ________ configured as your e-mail client, you can e-mail an Excel file directly from Excel.;Student Answer: Gmail;Hotmail;Yahoo;Outlook;Question 13.Question:(TCO 8) To display the Properties dialog box, click ________ in the Info section of the Backstage view and select Advanced Properties.;Student Answer: Properties;Show All Properties;Permissions;Versions;Question 14.Question:(TCO 8) Which function is similar to the Find and Replace feature?;Student Answer: CONCATENATE;SUBSTITUTE;UPPER;PROPER;Question 15.Question:(TCO 8) You can identify duplicate rows in a table using the _________.;Student Answer: Data Validation menu in the Data Tools group on the Data tab of the Ribbon;Error Checking command in the Formula Auditing group on the Formulas tab of the Ribbon;PivotTable command in the Tables group on the Insert tab of the Ribbon;Conditional Formatting command in the Styles group on the Home tab of the Ribbon


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