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Q;Week 4 DQ #1 ?What is the difference between Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Acceptance Testing, Stress Testing and Performance Testing? For each of the tests you should cover the purpose of the test, explain who would conduct each type of test (tester, user, developer, etc.), who would validate the results and who would sign off on the testing phase. In addition, answer ONE of these parts: For Riordan, which of these do you believe should be conducted? More than one should be selected. Why? Or?. How is testing conducted in your organization? Is it effective or would you like to see changes? Outside sources must be used and cited/referenced using APA guidelines.;Week 4 DQ #2 ?What occurs during the coding activity of the development phase? What best practices should a Development Manager use when the project enters the Coding Phase. The text covers several activities which are included in the coding phase. These would be considered best practices. For Riordan, would you suggest following all of these? If not, why not. Outside references must be used and cited/referenced according to APA guidelines


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