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CMS Project: Phase II Instructions;In this phase, you will create tables based upon the ERD and SQL code below. You will then populate each table with the data presented below. Finally, you will create queries that will be used to support reports for Accounting and Management. You will not actually create the reports in a GUI environment? only the queries that will serve as the basis for the reports. Screenshots are required for a grade to be given. One screenshot is not the idea, however, multiple screenshots along the way is the goal.;Background;The following ERD will be used as the basis for this Phase.;Part A: Table Creation and Data Loading;Instructions: Create a new database in SQL Server and run the following CREATE TABLE commands. Note that you must run the CREATE TABLE statements in the order presented (and load the data in the order presented) to avoid conflicts resulting from foreign key constraints.;Additional instructions for materials to turn in for this phase of your project are included at the end of this specification document.;CREATE TABLE Regions;(RegionID int not null;RegionAbbreviation varchar(4);RegionName varchar(100);CONSTRAINT PK_Regions PRIMARY KEY (RegionID));CREATE TABLE Countries;(CountryID int not null;CountryName varchar(50);WeeklyHours int;Holidays int;VacationDays int;RegionID int;CONSTRAINT PK_Countries PRIMARY KEY (CountryID);CONSTRAINT FK_CountriesRegions FOREIGN KEY (RegionID) References Regions);CREATE TABLE EmployeeTitles;(TitleID int not null;Title varchar(15);CONSTRAINT PK_EmpTitles PRIMARY KEY (TitleID));CREATE TABLE BillingRates;(TitleID int not null;Level int not null;Rate float;CurrencyName varchar(5);CONSTRAINT PK_BillingRates PRIMARY KEY (TitleID, Level);CONSTRAINT FK_BillingRatesTitles FOREIGN KEY (TitleID) References EmployeeTitles);CREATE TABLE Employees;(EmpID int not null;FirstName varchar(30);LastName varchar(30);Email varchar(50);Salary decimal(10,2);TitleID int;Level int;SupervisorID int;CountryID int;CONSTRAINT PK_Employees PRIMARY KEY (EmpID);CONSTRAINT FK_EmployeesCountries FOREIGN KEY (CountryID) References Countries;CONSTRAINT FK_EmployeesEmpTitles FOREIGN KEY (TitleID) References EmployeeTitles;CONSTRAINT FK_EmployeeSupervisors FOREIGN KEY (SupervisorID) References Employees);CREATE TABLE ContactTypes;(ContactTypeID int not null;ContactType varchar(30);CONSTRAINT PK_ContactTypes PRIMARY KEY (ContactTypeID));CREATE TABLE ContractTypes;(ContractTypeID int not null;ContractType varchar(30);CONSTRAINT PK_ContractTypes PRIMARY KEY (ContractTypeID));CREATE TABLE BenefitTypes;(BenefitTypeID int not null;BenefitType varchar(30);CONSTRAINT PK_BenefitTypes PRIMARY KEY (BenefitTypeID));CREATE TABLE Clients;(ClientID int not null;LegalName varchar(50);CommonName varchar(50);AddrLine1 varchar(50);AddrLine2 varchar(50);City varchar(25);State_Province varchar(25);Zip varchar(9);CountryID int;CONSTRAINT PK_Clients PRIMARY KEY (ClientID);CONSTRAINT FK_ClientsCountries FOREIGN KEY (CountryID) REFERENCES Countries);CREATE TABLE Contacts;(ContactID int not null;FirstName varchar(50);LastName varchar(50);AddrLine1 varchar(50);AddrLine2 varchar(50);City varchar(25);State_Province varchar(25);Zip varchar(9);CountryID int;ContactTypeID int;CONSTRAINT PK_Contacts PRIMARY KEY (ContactID);CONSTRAINT FK_ContactsCountries FOREIGN KEY (CountryID) REFERENCES Countries);CREATE TABLE ContractTypes;(ContractTypeID int not null;ContractTypeDesc varchar(50);CONSTRAINT PK_ContractTypes PRIMARY KEY (ContractTypeID));CREATE TABLE Contracts;(ContractID int not null;ContractDesc varchar(100);ClientID int;ContractTypeID int;CONSTRAINT PK_Contracts PRIMARY KEY (ContractID);CONSTRAINT FK_ContractsClients FOREIGN KEY (ClientID) REFERENCES Clients;CONSTRAINT FK_ContractsContractTypes FOREIGN KEY (ContractTypeID) REFERENCES ContractTypes);CREATE TABLE ContractsContacts;(ContractID int not null;ContactID int not null;CONSTRAINT PK_ContractsContacts PRIMARY KEY (ContractID, ContactID);CONSTRAINT FK_CC_Contracts FOREIGN KEY (ContractID) REFERENCES Contracts;CONSTRAINT FK_CC_Contacts FOREIGN KEY (ContactID) REFERENCES Contacts);CREATE TABLE Projects;(ProjectID int not null;ProjectName varchar(50);HourCapAmount decimal(10,2);ProjectManagerID int;ContractID int;CONSTRAINT PK_Projects PRIMARY KEY (ProjectID);CONSTRAINT FK_ProjectsEmployees FOREIGN KEY (ProjectManagerID) REFERENCES Employees;CONSTRAINT FK_ProjectsContracts FOREIGN KEY (ContractID) REFERENCES Contracts);CREATE TABLE EmployeesProjects;(EmpID int not null;ProjectID int not null;StartDate smalldatetime;EndDate smalldatetime;CONSTRAINT PK_EmployeesProjects PRIMARY KEY (EmpID, ProjectID);CONSTRAINT FK_EP_Employees FOREIGN KEY (EmpID) REFERENCES Employees;CONSTRAINT FK_EP_Projects FOREIGN KEY (ProjectID) REFERENCES Projects);CREATE TABLE Timesheets;(TimesheetID int not null;SupervisorApproveDate smalldatetime;CONSTRAINT PK_Timesheets PRIMARY KEY (TimesheetID));CREATE TABLE WorkHours;(EmpID int not null;ProjectID int not null;WH_Day int not null;WH_Month int not null;WH_Year int not null;HoursWorked float;TimesheetID int;CONSTRAINT PK_WorkHours PRIMARY KEY (EmpID, ProjectID, WH_Day, WH_Month, WH_Year);CONSTRAINT FK_WorkHoursEmployees FOREIGN KEY (EmpID) REFERENCES Employees;CONSTRAINT FK_WorkHoursProjects FOREIGN KEY (ProjectID) REFERENCES Projects;CONSTRAINT FK_WorkHoursTimesheets FOREIGN KEY (TimesheetID) REFERENCES Timesheets);CREATE TABLE BenefitsTaken;(EmpID int not null;BenefitTypeID int not null;BT_Day int not null;BT_Month int not null;BT_Year int not null;HoursTaken float;TimesheetID int;CONSTRAINT PK_BenefitsTaken PRIMARY KEY (EmpID, BenefitTypeID, BT_Day, BT_Month, BT_Year);CONSTRAINT FK_BenefitsTakenEmployees FOREIGN KEY (EmpID) REFERENCES Employees;CONSTRAINT FK_BenefitsTakenBenefitTypes FOREIGN KEY (BenefitTypeID) REFERENCES BenefitTypes;CONSTRAINT FK_BenefitsTakenTimesheets FOREIGN KEY (TimesheetID) REFERENCES Timesheets);Data Section;The following information is currently maintained in various spreadsheets throughout CMS. Data from these spreadsheets must be uploaded into your newly created tables before the database can be considered operational.;REGIONS;ID Abbr. Region Name;1 NAR North America;2 CALA Central and Latin America;3 APAC Asia and Pacific;4 EMEA Europe, Middle East, and Africa;COUNTRIES;ID Country Name Weekly Hours Holidays Vacation Days Region;1 United States 40 11 10 NAR;2 Canada 40 12 15 NAR;3 United Kingdom 38 10 10 EMEA;4 France 38 14 10 EMEA;5 Ireland 38 10 15 EMEA;6 Italy 35 9 20 EMEA;7 Thailand 40 17 20 APAC;8 Singapore 40 17 21 APAC;9 Panama 40 12 15 CALA;BENEFIT TYPES;ID Benefit Type Name;1 Vacation;2 Holiday;3 Jury Duty;4 Maternity Leave;5 Paternity Leave;6 Military Duty;CONTACT TYPES;ID Contact Type Name;1 Systems Engineer;2 Sales;3 Billing;CONTRACT TYPES;ID Contract Type Name;1 Maintenance;2 Fixed Price;3 License;4 Time and Materials;CLIENTS;ID Legal Name Common Address1 Address2 City State Zip Country;1 BMA British Mobile 130 Wake Dr. Wake NC 24539 US;2 FT France Mobile 123 East St. Suite #2 Paris 45678 France;3 IBC IBC 456 Main Johor 78945 Singapore;4 MTM MTM 6789 First St. Mead GA 45678 US;5 BT Britain Tele 98769 Park St. Level 3 London 48695 UK;CONTRACTS;ID ContractDesc Contract Type Client;1 Work Order 1 Maint FT;2 Work Order 1 T&M BT;3 Work Order 1 Fixed Price IBC;4 Work Order 2 Maint IBC;5 Work Order 1 Fixed Price MTM;6 Work Order 2 T&M FT;CONTACTS;ID First Last Addr1 Addr2 City State Zip Country Type;1 Bugg Bunny 123 Looney NoWhere AK 45678 US SysEng;2 Elmer Fudd 789 Park Pl. Apt 3 Skyville NM 45678 US Billing;3 Daffy Duck 45678 One St. Norwood 45678 UK Sales;4 Darth Vader 456 Two St. Towns 47896 UK Sales;5 Luke Sky #4 Tatooine Paris 45678 France Billing;6 Princess Lea 723 Coruscant Rome 45678 Italy SysEng;7 John Doe 987 Main St. Paris 78945 France SysEng;8 Jane Doe 7658 Oak Ln. Crue VA 45678 US SysEng;CONTRACTS? CONTACTS;Contract Client Contact Name;Work Order 1 BT Daffy Duck;Work Order 1 FT John Doe, Jane Doe, Princess Lea;Work Order 2 FT Elmer Fudd;Work Order 1 IBC Buggs Bunny;Work Order2 IBC Luke Sky;Work Order 2 IBC Darth Vader;Work Order 1 MTM Daffy Duck;EMPLOYEE TITLES;ID Title;1 Consultant;2 Analyst;3 Director;BILLING RATES;TitleID Level Rate Currency;1 1 150.00 USD;1 2 200.00 USD;1 3 300.00 USD;2 1 50.00 USD;2 2 100.00 USD;2 3 150.00 USD;3 1 250.00 USD;3 2 350.00 USD;3 3 450.00 USD;EMPLOYEES;ID First Last CountryID Email Salary Title LevelID;1 Matthew Smith 1 45000 Consultant 1;2 Mark Jones 1 94000 Director 1;3 Luke Rice 4 65000 Consultant 2;4 John Rich 5 74000 Consultant 3;5 James Doe 6 40000 Analyst 1;6 Peter Pride 3 60000 Analyst 2;7 Eric Potter 3 81000 Consultant 3;8 Paul Davis 1 103000 Director 2;PROJECTS;ID Project Name HourCapAmount ProjectManager Contracts Client;1 IBC ? India 120 Davis Work Order 2 IBC;2 FT-Maint 100 Doe Work Order 2 FT;3 BT ? WO 1 Time 270 Rich Work Order1 BT;4 BT ? WO1 Materials Rich Work Order1 BT


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